Kauai Rentals

Vacation Kauai is proud to offer two quiet vacation rental cottages on Kauai's lush north shore. These two hidden gems are located on seven landscaped acres just a few miles outside of quaint Kilauea town. Hawaiian gardens surround this romantic getaway located at the end of a country road. The tropical tranquility is only interrupted by a remarkable variety of birdsongs. Quiet and isolated, these Kauai cottages are just minutes from a variety of activites, shopping and restaurants. The Kauai cottages are also just minutes away from at least 10 spectacular, secluded, pristine white sand beaches and 5 short hikes through lush jungles with cascading streams.

Molokai Rental

And for the very discriminating traveler... for one willing to travel back to the simpler times of old Hawaii, Our Molokai beach house awaits you. Located on Molokai's gentle southside, this cozy beach house is literally just a few steps up from the beach.

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